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All inclusive. Includes equipment, bike hire* (if needed) and professional training

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CBT Renewal Course From £89

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CBT Standard Course From £99

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Motorcycle Training

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Getting Started

Before you can get onto two wheels, there are a few things that you must have and there are also other things that you must consider. Please click here for more information

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Get your full motorcycle licence with us!

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  • icon  Fully qualified & experienced instructors
  • icon  Location: London
  • icon  Sanitized helmets, jackets and gloves provided

Beginner’s Course

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Also commonly known as “Introduction to Motorcycling” is a course designed for the very beginner, who has never ridden a motorcycle, scooter or moped before and do not wish to jump straight into the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) Course.


However, as it’s also a course tailored to an individual’s skill, this course has the advantage of having a 1-to-1 ratio or a 2-to-1 maximum training ratio, that is, 1 Dedicated Motorcycle Instructor per trainee or per 2 trainees.



If you are a complete beginner/novice in regards to riding a motorcycle/scooter and if your EXPECTATION is to complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in one day, then we strongly suggest you start with a Beginners Course (commonly known as ITM – Introduction to Motorcycling) or at least 1-2 hours of Private Motorcycling Lessons prior to your CBT. By doing that you will have a better idea of what to expect and you will also give us a chance to initially assess your skills, in order for us to advise you how to proceed.


Please have a look at our Online Booking Section, under “ITM – Introduction to Motorcycling” if you are interested in booking this course. All the available dates will be available there, if none of them suits you, please send us an email to contact@universalmct.co.uk with the desired dates and we will be most happy to assist you in finding a suitable date.